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Look into My eyes...you are getting weaker and weaker.   The more I bore into your soul the more submissive you will become.   It is an inevitable actuality as I will except nothing less.  Your submissiveness gives Me all the ammunition I need to exert complete control over you; something you long for.  My training is extensive; My experience is all encompassing and will leave you emphysematous.  When I started there were but a few Alpha's to rule this scene; now it seems like everyone is a Mistress.   But holding a whip does not a Mistress make.  It takes compassion, intellect, intuition and most importantly Dominance.   While there a few that might try to test Me; rest assured they were all put in their place and stripped of any dignity they may have walked in with.  Domination is not about testing your Mistress.  It is about consensual surrender; it is a gift.   It is not easy to give up control.  This is why I cherish it with all My being.  I take the responsibility of your surrender very important; with your welfare being of the utmost importance.

Below are some examples of My work.  Please note these are external sites like PornHub.  I have never had a problem withe them.

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